Educational Transformation Assessment

Ithaka S+R provides our Educational Transformation Assessment (ETA) program to colleges and universities dedicated to promoting sustainable improvement in student success.

Ithaka S+R has rigorously analyzed how institutions improve student learning, graduation rates, and time to degree. Through the ETA program, we provide you with customized insights on steps you can take to help students succeed.

Our Approach

Through our research and work with dozens of institutions—particularly in our case studies on educational transformation—we have identified a set of “strategic essentials” that enable an institution to effectively and sustainably implement initiatives that improve student learning outcomes and completion rates, especially for students with the greatest needs.

Through the ETA program, we assess the degree to which administrators and faculty at your institution:

  • Commit to a student-centered mission and strategic plan
  • Collaborate around student success
  • Align structures, resource allocation, and personnel to the strategic plan
  • Use data to continuously improve

In addition to these strategic essentials, our experience and research point to certain programmatic activities that are key to improving student outcomes. We evaluate the extent to which your institution has implemented four of these “student success levers”:

  • Proactive student advising
  • Program assessment based on student learning and life outcomes
  • Professional development and incentives aligned with student success
  • Technology tools that enhance student learning and student support

Who We Work With

The ETA program is especially effective for:

  • Institutions in the process of conceptualizing, implementing, or assessing a reform effort
  • Institutions with new presidents or provosts seeking to identify priorities and define a strategy
  • Institutions preparing for accreditation review or self-study
  • Funders selecting institutions for or assessing the implementation of a grant program
  • Small groups of institutions working together on student success challenges, in need of a structure for sharing information or monitoring progress

Are You Putting Students First?

Contact us to learn how we can help assess the degree to which your institution has put students at the center of your strategic plans.

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