Ithaka S+R’s Local Surveys and Research Support Services
At the Library Assessment Conference

  • October 31, 2016
At the Library Assessment Conference, Christine Wolff and Danielle Cooper will be joined by several library partners to discuss the impact of two Ithaka S+R initiatives: Research Support Services and Local Surveys. These presentations will take place at the “Ithaka” concurrent session from 11 am – 12:30 pm…

Collaborative Libraries' Assessment Across a Multi-Campus College
A Session at the Library Assessment Conference

  • October 31, 2016
At the Library Assessment Conference, Nancy Fried Foster, joined by Montgomery College's Tanner Wray and Cynthia Pfanstiehl, will talk about a multi-year, multi-campus assessment project that Montgomery College undertook with Ithaka S+R. Details: Library Assessment Conference Arlington, Virginia Monday, October 31, 1:30 -3:15 pm  

Ithaka S+R at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference

  • August 10, 2016
As Ithaka S+R continues our research into issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within cultural organizations, we are excited to attend the National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC). Co-sponsored by the UCLA Library and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the conference will take place on the UCLA campus…

Christine Wolff at the Jisc and CNI Conference 2016

  • July 6, 2016
Jisc and the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) are bringing together leading experts from the US, UK, and Europe to explore current issues and innovations in digital scholarship and facilitate a rich international exchange on leading practice and policy at a conference in Oxford, England, on July 6. On the…

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Academic Libraries: An ALA Open Session

  • June 26, 2016
Join Ithaka S+R on Sunday, June 26, from 3-4:00 pm, at ALA in Orlando and contribute your ideas to our latest research project. We have recently embarked on a study, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to map staff diversity within academic libraries. Building on similar studies we…

What Did We Learn From the Latest Round of the US and UK Faculty Surveys?
Join Us at ALA

  • June 26, 2016
Join us at ALA in Orlando on Sunday, June 26, from 10-11:00 am to learn about Ithaka S+R's US and UK Faculty Surveys. Ithaka S+R’s Faculty Survey has tracked attitudes and behaviors of faculty members in US higher education institutions in response to technological and environmental change on a triennial…

Danielle Cooper at ATLA's Annual Conference

  • June 17, 2016
Danielle Cooper will speak on "Investigating the Needs of Scholars: A Multi-Institutional Collaborative Approach," at the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Annual Conference on June 17, in Long Beach, California. Ithaka S+R, in partnership with ATLA, the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and 18 libraries…

Ithaka S+R Co-Hosts Asilomar II
Student Data and Records in the Digital Era

  • June 15, 2016
Ithaka S+R and Stanford University are co-hosting "Asilomar II: Student Data and Records in the Digital Era." This convening assembles a small group of academic leaders to consider how data describing adult students might be managed in ways that enable the improvement of educational experiences, the progress of science, and the integrity…

Danielle Cooper at the Association of Canadian Archivists Conference

  • June 3, 2016
Danielle Cooper will present on the "User Access: Research & Innovation" panel at the Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Archivists on June 3 in Montreal. Cooper will share information about the Research Support Services project on religious studies that she is currently coordinating. Speaking on "Understanding Archives Users: Research-driven…

Investigating the Needs of Agriculture Scholars
Danielle Cooper at the USAIN 2016 Biennial Conference

  • April 26, 2016
Ithaka S+R, in partnership with the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) and 19 libraries in the US, is examining the research activities of agriculture scholars. During spring semester 2016, the participating libraries assembled research teams and conducted semi-structured interviews with faculty and visually documented faculty information practices through photography.…