Research Support Services for Scholars

An Ithaka S+R Program

Published February 04, 2013

Matthew P. Long, Jennifer Rutner, Roger C. Schonfeld

This project is in process.

New technologies are steadily changing research practices and methods in numerous fields. Ithaka S+R's Research Support Services for Scholars program comprises a series of research projects that examine changing scholarly research practices in areas such as content discovery, information management, scholarly analysis, collaboration, library use, the writing process, professional interactions, and publication, among others. Based on this work, Ithaka S+R will identify support services that will be needed by scholars and provide recommendations for how information service providers can best support these needs.



This series builds on thaka S+R's established history of exploring the attitudes and practices of scholars. Beginning in 2000, Ithaka S+R launched a series of Faculty Surveys to provide a regular examination of key strategic issues facing information services organizations in higher education. Ithaka S+R has also completed a number of Discipline Studies on scholarly communication trends, analyzing how research is conducted and disseminated in each discipline.


Projects and Reports

Each project in the Research Support Services for Scholars program, focusing on a discipline or area of study, will have varying scopes and depth of inquiry. However, each project will examine the same core issues: what is the current state of scholarly practice, how are scholarly practices changing, where are scholarly practices headed, and what support systems do scholars need to facilitate scholarship? Each project will conclude with a final report.


Art History (completed - final report available)

Chemistry (completed - final report available)

History (completed - final report available)


Funding Support

Our projects are possible with the generous support of


  • The Samuel H. Kress Foundation - Art History
  • The Getty Foundation - Art History
  • JISC - Chemistry
  • National Endowment of the Humanities - History


We hope to gain more support for research in other disciplines.

This project is in process.

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