Published April 01, 2013

Ithaka S+R surveys of academics and faculty members provide a regular examination of key strategic issues facing higher education. Conducted every three years, these large-scale surveys of thousands of academics examine changes in faculty member research processes, teaching practices, publishing and scholarly dissemination, the role of the library, and the role of the learned society. Our objective is to empower higher education institutions, as well as other organizations supporting this community, with real-time data to help them better grapple with the needs of academics.


Since 2000, we have examined how new technologies, changes in the funding landscape, and other environmental factors, are impacting and reflected in faculty attitudes and behaviors. Our long-term tracking analysis enables us to analyze their attitudes over time, looking at overall trends as well as the implications of specific interventions. 


These surveys have focused on colleges and universities in the United States that grant a bachelor’s or a more advanced degree, and beginning with 2012 expanded to universities in the United Kingdom’s higher education sector. They have been designed to allow for detailed discipline-level stratification in all the major arts and sciences disciplines, as well as a number of professional fields. Questionnaires allow for tracking of key trends over time while being constantly refreshed toreflect the changing environment. 


Datasets for many projects in this series are deposited with ICPSR for preservation and access and may be found here.


In 2012, we introduced the Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey giving academic leaders the opportunity to implement our 2012 US survey at their own institutions. Our aim is to help librarians, provosts and others formulate strategies based on a deep understanding of their own faculty member attitudes and practices related to the evolution of their work in the emerging digital landscape for scholarly research, publishing, and teaching.


Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey


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