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Rayane Alamuddin

Rayane Alamuddin is the associate director for research and evaluation at Ithaka S+R, where she researches higher education initiatives and innovations as part the Educational Transformation Program team. She is currently focusing on evaluating new programs designed to improve college completion rates and the quality of student learning.

During her doctoral studies at Northwestern University, Rayane was heavily involved in the evaluation of an innovative two-generation workforce development program as part of a research fellowship at the Institute for Policy Research. In her dissertation research, she developed a new approach to the study of postsecondary education among low-income mothers with young children.

Previously, Rayane taught undergraduate psychology courses and worked in post-conflict educational programming in her native Lebanon. She has a PhD in human development and social policy from Northwestern University, and a MA and BA in psychology from the American University of Beirut. Rayane is fluent in four languages.