Research Practices and the Disruption of the Research Library
Nancy Fried Foster Talk at RLUK

Nancy Fried Foster and Cornell University Library's Korneila Tancheva will discuss "Research Practices and the Disruption of the Research Library" at the RLUK Conference on Thursday, March 10. The academic research library has always played a crucial role in building collections and services to support research. Current technological, regulatory and research behaviour disruptions present new opportunities in and challenges to the ways in which research is produced, shared, preserved, and…


Office of Scholarly Communication
Scope, Organizational Placement, and Planning in Ten Research Libraries

The phrase “scholarly communication” appears often in the description of library roles and responsibilities, but the function is still new enough that it takes different forms in different institutions. There is no common understanding of where it fits into the library’s organizational structure. This landscape review of offices of scholarly communication grows out of research originally conducted by Ithaka S+R …