The Future of the Print Record
Recommendations from the MLA’s Working Group

The Modern Language Association’s Working Group on the Future of the Print Record released its report last month and I urge the library community to consider it carefully and respond. As a member of the working group, I have been impressed with the collaboration of scholars and librarians in dealing with an issue that is both important and complex. Librarians have witnessed a dramatic change in students’ and researchers’ use…

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Deanna Marcum on the Future of the Print Record

Deanna Marcum will be speaking on "The Future of the Print Record" panel at the Modern Language Association's annual convention in Vancouver, British Columbia on Friday, January 9.  Kathleen Fitzpatrick (MLA) is moderating, and the panelists include James Grossman (American Historical Association), Chuck Henry (Council on Library and Information Resources), Geneva Henry (George Washington University), and Andrew M. Stauffer (University of Virginia). "New technologies, changing approaches to research, and growing…