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Faculty, Undergraduate, and Graduate/Professional Student Surveys for Libraries

Ithaka S+R developed our local survey program in response to the increasing interest of library managers to gain better insight into the perceptions of their faculty members, undergraduate, and graduate/professional students as they make strategic decisions.

Taking a deliberately high-level approach, the local surveys are designed to inform you about the changing needs of important campus communities in order to help you plan for the right strategy and mix of services to carry forward into the future.

All libraries run a core survey to ensure comparability with other institutions and have the option to add customized modules as well. For the local faculty survey, institutions will be able to compare results directly with our 2018 US Faculty Survey findings.

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Local Surveys Coverage

  • What core topics do the local surveys cover?
  • How can the surveys be customized?
  • Who can I survey?

Next Steps

We’ve developed detailed implementation guidelines to help you through every step of the survey process. Learn how to get started.

Survey Fees

  • What services and reports are included in our local survey service?
  • What does it cost to run
    • the core faculty survey?
    • the core student survey?
    • a customized survey?

Additional Survey Services

Learn about additional ways Ithaka S+R can help you put your survey findings to work