Program Evaluation

Ithaka S+R works with our community to design studies, seek external funding, and serve as independent evaluators of programs and initiatives.

Our experience includes using qualitative and quantitative research methods to assess and evaluate:

  • Student success interventions
  • Technology-enhanced education
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Degree completion programs
  • Learning spaces
  • Publishing programs
  • Virtual & physical library collections
  • Data management plans
  • Competency-based education
  • Access & enrollment strategies

Recent projects

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

How much does it cost to publish a high-quality monograph? As part of a study undertaken for The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ithaka S+R is gathering financial data from twenty presses, representing publishers of all sizes. The final report will provide details on the full costs involved in publishing monographs, including acquisitions, editorial development, design, production, marketing and administrative costs.

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Montgomery College

How do students conduct their work? Ithaka S+R worked with students, faculty, and library staff from Montgomery College to better understand students’ work practices and preferences. We used ethnographic methods—interviews, cultural probes and workshops—to gather information about how and where students study for exams, do assignments, and write papers.

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New York University Libraries

Interested in strengthening the culture of evidence-driven decision making, NYU Libraries looked to Ithaka S+R to conduct an an inventory of data gathering and analysis across library departments and examine some of the key analysis and decision-making factors across the library. Ithaka S+R provided analysis and advice to the library leadership team and dean regarding strategic opportunities, such as the advantages and tradeoffs associated with creating a shared data warehouse and a variety of ways that an assessment capacity could be structured to strengthen the library’s capacity for evidence-driven decision-making.

Public Flagship Network

How are public universities integrating online teaching technologies into their curricula? What is the impact on student learning outcomes and cost containment? Which strategies have proven effective and what challenges need to be overcome? With funding from Lumina Foundation, Ithaka S+R prepared a report based on interviews with key administrative and faculty leaders at 10 Public Flagship Network (PFN) member institutions and provided recommendations of broad areas where the PFN should concentrate its efforts to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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Teagle Foundation

Ithaka S+R supported Foundation staff in developing grantee self-evaluation framework for a program that funds cross-institutional development and sharing of online and hybrid courses. We also conducted a meta-evaluation of the grant program through review of grantee reports and surveys.