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Ithaka S+R’s Local Surveys and Research Support Services
At the Library Assessment Conference

At the Library Assessment Conference, Christine Wolff and Danielle Cooper will be joined by several library partners to discuss the impact of two Ithaka S+R initiatives: Research Support Services and Local Surveys. These presentations will take place at the “Ithaka” concurrent session from 11 am – 12:30 pm on Monday, October 31. For more information about the conference, please see

Ithaka S+R Surveys of Students and Faculty

“Lessons from the 2015 UCSC Instance of the Ithaka S+R Student Survey,” Greg Careaga, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Implementing the Ithaka Faculty Survey: Engaging Staff and Visualizing Findings,” Joyce Chapman and Emily Daly, Duke University

“Visualizing Local Data: The Ithaka S+R Survey at UNLV,” Starr Hoffman and Ashley Hernandez-Hall, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“What Do Faculty Think? National & Local Perspectives from the Ithaka S+R Survey,” Christine Wolff, Ithaka S+R. Christine will also cover survey administration best practices.

Research Support Services

“Investigating the Needs of Religious Studies Scholars: A Multi-Institutional Collaborative Approach,” Danielle Cooper, Ithaka S+R

“Library as Research Site: The Local Value of Participating in a National Research Project,” Jenifer Gundry and Virginia Dearborn, Princeton Theological Seminary